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Smart lighting furniture for events and product branding

100% Customizable

Whether on or off, Lightcase ? always looks spectacular. If you choose to do so, you can also customize all the elements and colors of the structure, add your own brand, or tailor it to the size that best suits your needs. Tell us about your brand, and we will put together a lightcase ? collection created specially for you.

producto personalizado

Redecorate your ideas.

Productivity and design united in the same product. Lightcase ? is a remarkable product that will catch your audience’s attention in any space, in all colors, and can be perfectly integrated with your event, brand or product … With an elegant and versatile design, Lightcase doubles as a striking piece of decor and a functional work tool for your team.

The lightcase family.

If you need to rent or buy furniture for your next event, decorate your company, shop or home, Lightcase becomes an essential element to highlight your product or easily redecorate a space. A new and exclusive collection of illuminated furniture 100% customizable and capable of captivating even the more skeptical.

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One format for each occasion.

This new and exclusive collection of illuminated and 100% customizable furniture offers you a product for each of your needs. Small lighting, light cubes, support tables, counters, bars, totems … And if it does not adapt to your needs, we can customize it for you.

Extraordinary functions that make it unique

Its design, the built-in DUAL LED System ? lighting system, its total autonomy with ION-Lithium battery, its lightness in transport, and its incredible ease of use, make Lightcase? an exceptional product to illuminate any environment in seconds or re-decorate an event instantly.

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Exclusive light gradients

The exclusive Lightcase ? Dual Light System allows you to create unique color gradients to suit any environment. (Wheel Series & Cube)

One color for each occasion

Its integrated LightCase Chamaleon ? system allows up to 16 pure colors, 4 effects, and light intensity control.

Total Autonomy

Its high-performance lithium-ion battery allows it to work without cables, and has a range of 10 to 15 battery-life hours depending on the programming

Charge it wherever you want

Its integrated LED base, adapted to 5V, allows you to charge your LightCase ? comfortably from any USB battery device. Charge it wherever you want.

Agile for transport

Its lightness and its built-in wheels (Wheel Series), which allow for a very easy transport, incorporate two wheel units with braking system, making our product agile in its transport.

Everything under control

Your remote control allows you to change the color or the desired animation program immediately in just one click.

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Buy Lightcase?

If you've already decided which Lightcase best suits your needs, or if you need more information, do not hesitate to inquire further or ask us for a budget without any commitment.

Rent your Lightcase?

Our rental service allows you to easily access our full range of Lightcase ? products for your events. Ask us for a quote.

Create your Lightcase?

We not only customize any of our Lightcase products, but can also manufacture them made-to-order and create the environment you need for your event.